[MOD]basic_robot: TNT stripminer and other enhancements

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[MOD]basic_robot: TNT stripminer and other enhancements

by Silizium » Thu Mar 07, 2019 14:46

I would like to get some feedback to the ongoing work I do on the basic_robot module from ac-minetest.

I try to do some Youtube clips about the progress, but they will be in German, because there are a few German teenagers following it, where I try to ease their progress into this.

I have already implemented a TNT stripmining option (new commands ignite, drop, fly (if user is allowed to) and will be working on better graphics for it. So some feedback and testing would be nice and highly appreciated. You see on the github page below what I plan to put in there but there will be coming more, not just for basic_robot, if I see good feedback. Anyway. Love the project.


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