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by SegFault22 » Post

I suggest that the currency be coins, minted from a metal like Gold, because paper (what it looks like now) is generally worthless.
However, you could make it so the paper functions as a kind of "IOU", where in a bank somewhere there would be gold matching the printed value of the note.
Also, machines for making money would be nice. You can use the "crafter" mod to make custom crafting definition types for said machines, instead of having to do horrible hackwork.
Resources are abundant; only money is scarce. People should not have to work hard and remain poor just to pay for the needs of survival.
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by Sokomine » Post

mectus11 wrote: Now tell me why would I use this mod?
The shops are decorative, work fine and are easy to use. If you want to give your players a simple to use trade system, this one here will be ok for most servers. The barter table certainly is a nice idea. Just don't expect a flowing economy with a handful of players and on a MT server :-)
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by Dan Duncombe » Post

Update all! I fixed the message error, thanks to nore's help.

EDIT: This resulted in a new bug where trades don't work properly. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.
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by BrunoMine » Post

In my idea! There must be a central market. Basic intens exchange for cash (such as tree, coblestone...)
  • Players will start as a miner or lumberjack and later sell rare items (such as ingots, crystals, food....)
  • Money is given to those in greatest works.
  • internal market works constantly.
This should help experienced in large cities.

With everything, we need a mod that works as gps pointing stores. (but you can still use it to land in the center/spawn.)

this is my strategy in minemacro (it was a success, I intend to keep 24 hours in the future)
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Re: [Mod] Currency and economy [currency][0.1]

by rubberduck » Post

i have the idea, that most items are stackable in a shop,
some examples:

tools like axes ore pickaxes, screwdriver
lava/water cans, tree taps, batteries (technic mod)
smoker, queen bee (bees mod)

but these items should only be stackable then, if their "state" is the same:

tools should be unused (all tools, including tools from mods)
reloadable items (battery, lava/water can) should be loaded at 100%
empty buckets only to empty ones and water buckets with water buckets only.

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Re: [Mod] Currency and economy [currency][0.1]

by VanessaE » Post

This mod is still alive, all discussion should happen in my new topic,

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