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Re: Freeminer

by proller » Sun Jul 16, 2017 23:16

=== END of story.
me (proller) and xyz allow to use all our commits to freeminer in minetest.
freeminer still have lot of improvements: ...
Some changes too big and too hard to port (like threading system).
Some can be used as base for future (like enet+messagepack protocol, dev sctp via udp protocol, ...)
Some can be easily ported (like falling movement fixes, sun position, farmesh, ...)

easy way too see all changes from minetest in diff:
1. clone freeminer , cd freeminer
Code: Select all
git remote add minetest
git fetch --all
git diff abd68d346

725 files changed, 52986 insertions(+), 14400 deletions(-)

Other things that deserve attention (except weather-liquid system):
Optimized ABM (split analyze-trigger process).
Optimized block send to client/client render queues and process (fast(100+nodes per second) fly without stuck), possible to load big areas around (500+nodes).
Light update queue.
Map save process (no sector), possible to save only changed blocks => 10x less disk space.
Headless bot optimize (tested with 300 bots running on one computer (up to 600 bots on one server (yes, it still playable))).
LAN serverlist (automatically show started servers via broadcast).
Windows automatic build system (install msvs and run one script)
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Re: Freeminer

by xyz » Sun Jul 16, 2017 23:21

I'm not sure if any confirmation from my side is required but feel free to use my code from the freeminer repo under the minetest license (lgpl 2.1+)

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Re: Freeminer

by AntumDeluge » Sun Jul 23, 2017 19:12

I haven't read all the posts in this topic, but from what I understand, Freeminer development has been slowing down & may end up discontinued. I am a little bummed out by this because the Freeminer project made a Minetest-compatible client for Android that worked better for me. I'd like to suggest merging some of the Freeminer code, at least for the Android development to try & make the client better.

--- Edit ---

Not to mention, I also really liked the name Freeminer.

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Re: Freeminer

by Wuzzy » Mon Jul 24, 2017 15:59

I am very glad to hear that you decided to open up Freeminer for Minetest. Thank you.

But what has happened to Freeminer? I haven't seen any updates for a long time and no longer points to the homepage.
Is Freeminer dead?
I'm creating MineClone 2, a Minecraft clone for Minetest.
I made the Help modpack, adding in-game help to Minetest.

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Re: Freeminer

by sorcerykid » Mon Jul 24, 2017 22:26

If development on this project ceases, what is the possibility of the Minetest team obtaining rights to the name?

Minetest is slated for a major version change in the near future, thereby breaking compatibility with prior releases. I think this might be the ideal opportunity to also look into different branding particularly if there is potential for a code merge with the existing Freeminer project.

Just my two cents :)


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