Is Voxelands dead?

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Re: Voxelands Revival

by voxelproof » Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:07

Wuzzy wrote:Some features that would require an engine change are:
  • Leaves are angled and their own drawtype
  • Fences are their own drawtype and can go diagonal as well
  • Roof tiles are angled and they introduce another drawtype and they look really cool! This really should make it into Minetest!
  • Rails are 3D and seem to be also have their own drawtype
    . The game would still work with the Minetest controls.
  • The main menu looks better (no weird tabs)


Voxelands, though it crashed a few times when I played it too, has that mhm 'innocent' allure of pure childish play and is really very charming and worth preserving. And the features you've listed above are indeed of big importance for the general feel -- in my opinion this game unwittingly(?) followed the paradigm of the "voxel structure" (as opposed to "voxel form", where not only the grid but also the shapes are cube-modular).
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Re: Is Voxelands dead?

by Wuzzy » Sat Nov 02, 2019 15:52

in my opinion this game unwittingly(?) followed the paradigm of the "voxel structure"

Not really, otherwise diagonal structures like diagonal roofs or diagonal fences wouldn't be there. Also, the corner rails are curved.

But interesting idea.
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