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Re: [Tool] WorldPainter plugin

by Captain_Chaos » Post

I've updated the plugin to work with WorldPainter 2.13.2. You can re-download it from the first post.

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Re: [Tool] WorldPainter plugin

by TioArTest » Post

Hello. Im necroposting to report that it stopped working again, i guess because of a world painter update. If the plugin isnt going to get updated please tell me wich was the last version of world painter where it worked so i can download that version. Since i cant run geomod and i dont want to install realterrain this is the best option i have to recreate my area using this website to get heightmaps. I would also ask for advice since choosing the option to create a map where 1 pixel = 1 block gives me a weird black and white map that doesnt resemble the original terrain.

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