[DB] Minetest Mod Database: General discussion thread

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[DB] Minetest Mod Database: General discussion thread

by Wuzzy » Sat Oct 18, 2014 20:55

I don’t know much the Minetest Mod Database (I did not create it), but I do know that it is a project to catagolize mods and texture packs, but I heard that it is more or less experimental right now. In Minetest 0.4.10, you can directly access this database when going to the tab “Mods” and then clicking “Online mod repository”.

Here is the homepage of the MMDB: https://forum.minetest.net/mmdb/

Any general comments, questions, etc. about the MMDB should go here, I suggest. For now, at least.


Here come my questions, comments and problems:

Who is behind MMDB?
I have no clue who is behind the MMDB. Who made this? Who manages this?

The category names are too vague and ambigious to be of any use. I suggest to add a short comment to all category names so the modders have at least a slight clue what they are supposed to select.
“Tools” for example can be understood in at least 2 ways: First, it may be understood as the in-game items like pickaxes, shovels, etc. Second, it may be understood to refer to the mod itself as an utility mod which provides no gameplay features but usefull features for admins, “cheaters”, people who want to mess around, modders, etc. The L-System Tree Utility and the Player Tools mod fall into that category. Therefore, the “Tools” category should be actually be split into two categories.

Repository URLs which begin with “git://” are rejected on the rationale that they are not URLs. This is incorrect.

In particular, this URL was rejected as not being an URL:
Code: Select all

This is an 100% correct URL, the software is wrong.

I have a feeling which tells me that this software believes that an URLs is any string which begins with “http” or “https” or something like that. xD Back in reality, things are a bit more complicated than that.

Luckily for me, Git also allows for http and https URLs.

Why can you only add dependencies to mods which have been uploaded to the MMDB? Why not just letting entering text? (with some limitations, simply enforce the basename rules, this should weed out the worst garbage input like “3455zh$$§%&YOURMOM” etc.). Also, all mods from subgames can’t be selected either. This sucks, since this also means you can’t specify anything from minetest_game: default, dye, and so on.

The MMDB is broken for me. I cannot enter my Player Tools mod. When I hit save, I just get HTTP error 500.

Here is the input I provided:

Name: “Player Tools”

Repository: “https://repo.or.cz/minetest_playertools.git”

Code: Select all
# Player Tools
## Summary
This mod adds some player-related server commands and privileges to Minetest.
The commands allow players to change their health, clear their inventory and set their player physics. The privileges are created for the health, physics and hotbar commands and are named “`heal`”, “`physics`” and “`hotbar`”, respectively.

## List of all commands
 * `whoami`: shows your player name
 * `ip`: shows your IP address
 * `pulverizeall`: destroys all items in your player inventory
 * `killme`: kills yourself
 * `sethotbarsize <1 … 23>`: Sets the number of slots in your hotbar to the given number (1-23) (“`hotbar`” privilege required).
 * `sethealth <hearts>`: Sets your health to `<hearts>` hearts (“`heal`” privilege required).
 * `sethp <hp>`: Sets your health to `<hp>` HP (=`hearts`/2) (“`heal`” privilege required).
 * `setspeed [<speed>]`: Sets your movement speed to `<speed>` (default: 1) (“`physics`” privilege required)
 * `setgravity [<gravity>]`: Sets your gravity to `<gravity>` (default: 1) (“`physics`” privilege required).
 * `setjump [<jump height>]`: Sets your jump height to `<jump height>` (default: `1`) (“`physics`” privilege required)

Everything is also documentated in-game and in the supplied `README` file.

## Discussion thread
A discussion thread is [here](https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=7498).

Categories: “Tools” (this is probably wrong since “Tools” was meant in the “item” sense, not in the “utility for modders etc.” sense. But I had no other choice, the MMDB forces be to pick at least 1 category, but none of the categories really fits.)

Dependencies: no selection

Soft dependencies: no selection

Titlepic: (no titlepic)

Bugtracker: (empty)

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Re: [DB] Minetest Mod Database: General discussion thread

by rubenwardy » Sat Oct 18, 2014 22:01

Iqualfragile created mmdb in django, Python. It was inspired by my minetest extensions website built using php, which needed to be rewritten.

I am one of the developers for mmdb - i have mainly been working on the user interface.

Mmdb is hosted using hg on bit bucket on iqualfragiles account. The freenode channel is #minetest-mmdb

There is a post in news giving information about it. It is not experimental, but it is in development. The change from punbb to phpbb made the system quite unstable. The version on this website, hosted by thexyz, is not the latest version. The 500 errors have mostly been fixed.

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Re: [DB] Minetest Mod Database: General discussion thread

by Argos » Sat Feb 07, 2015 13:56


What's the status of the page for adding mods ?
I am trying to add one, but all variations of inputs I try result in 'server error (500)'.

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Re: [DB] Minetest Mod Database: General discussion thread

by rubenwardy » Sat Feb 07, 2015 14:05

We are aware of the issues. It os to do with SQL constraints - iqualfragile wrote them for postresql, and didn't realise that it is database specific. It should be fixed soon.

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