search minetest content easily

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search minetest content easily

by KGM » Post

mt content search engine
how to use
you can find content of (nearly) any minetest related content type.
there is no special syntax, just enter your keywords, and then press go!
go at my website and have fun.
i want my content to be added manually
If you don't find your content on my search engine, just send me a pm, I will add it manually.
especially if you cannot post your stuff on mt forums because of licensing issues, i will love to add it myself.
just make a github pages homepage, provide a download link, and specify a header and maybe tags.
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Re: search minetest content easily

by Festus1965 » Post

* https://mt-content-search-engine.000web ... do_search=
= still online, manual entry by with of coder

= still online, entry how ?

= still online

* new
= new online, entry by coder wish and manual by admin (searching everything lua and minetest in web)

a shot search about "bag" gave same source results. Nice for server admin to search and load mod for minetest. Where are this search options else posted and promoted for server creators ?

delete one link: thanks to Napiophelios
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Re: search minetest content easily

by Napiophelios » Post

Festus1965 wrote:
Tue Jun 30, 2020 06:54
* dead link ?
It's been changed:

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