Music Made with Minetest

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Music Made with Minetest

by jas » Wed Jan 23, 2019 17:17

Sometimes when streaming, I like to record some sounds inside Minetest and then stretch it with Paulstretch.

I've made some interesting tracks in Minetest, and even some mod to specifically for making music called `gen_music.' I heard others made music sequencing mods in Minetest, too.

Some of my tracks I've lost, but I've got this interesting one I'm listening to right now, and I wanted to share. Maybe others have something interesting they made using Minetest. I'd love to hear it!

Here's an hour long drone piece, made with Loss game and paulstretch: ... aulstretch

I'll add some more that I made in the past later, and whatever new stuff I make. I hope someone else is interested enough to make some music in Minetest and post it, or if they already have something... Thanks!

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