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Webpages advertising Minetest (re-closed)

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 09:42
by Festus1965
As I see how much clones and copies of Minetest are existing, and some earn money, the only answer of "us" might be, adverb for minetest also.

Make is stronger with own webpages on even subdomains, using similar description and keywords and linking each other but mainly

So it might get better ranking, and more often found. Also in combination with translated copies as we even have several languages included in the game.

So, after I saw/found (a Chinese version) looking same as the original of, I remember my old fight against bad cheating winning letter organization, using a lot ! of similar copies getting number one in google and first suggested to read about. With up to 5000 visitors a day that worked very well. I was in newspaper, radio and tv.

So i started with some:

1st: now preparing and translation pages, links ... for
* Thailand: (ready and run)
* German: (fertig und verfügbar)
* Vietnam: (sẵn sàng và làm việc)
* Laos: (ກຽມພ້ອມແລະເຮັດວຽກ)
* Malaysia: (bersedia dan bekerja)
* Indonesia: (bahasa Indonesia - siap dan bekerja)
* France: (français - prêt et disponible)

prepared or thought of
* Cambodia: (nothing in yet ...)
* Myanmar: (nothing in yet ...)
* Italia: (nothing in yet ...)
* Spain: (nothing in yet ...)
and what about other well translated languages ?

But that are already 11 own counted pages for google, and with my other domain I can generate another 11, mean 22 good rated links later for

2nd THEN when i see Thai Language is in minetest client (so we here can use Thai letters),
as if that will not happen, all further translations are useless !!! I am yet at 54% translation for Thai (for this I guess other Thread then if needed)

3rd I go to make the other translations first
* Vietnam - as I had two gamer (dat) from there ...

... but have to stop it ! - reason here:
rubenwardy wrote:Please don't make your site look like .net, as it will cause confusing

as I don't know what is the confusing, as I promote just minetest itself, and people are also not confused with same google pages but in there own language ...
and I did not find any complain about the longer existing same kind of copy in Chinese and so as long I don't understand the "confusing" nothing will happen.

So now I changed that pages a bit, with .net and .one to see, and still wait for further clearance what is confusing, and what might be enough difference.

from here
CannibalCarrot wrote:Is minetest 5.0.0 available for Linux yet?
I think most even dont know the main webpage at all, haha

So the idea behind is then to enlarge that subdomain system to my other domain,
and hope that others, with own domains would join in, just copy the pages from me, change just the own domain names, and publish also.
So we get a strong cross linking "minetest" supporting.

As there are some, also would have advantage itself, using, promoting or hosting minetest ... domains here.


Re: Webpages adverticing Minetest

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:06
by twoelk
<selfcensorship>issue seems to have been fixed</selfcensorship>

Re: Webpages adverticing Minetest

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:19
by Festus1965
that is so confusing with .one just delete the o and add a t to get to .net, but so often I failure to other endings ... fixed

but on this way you should have seen the changes I did yet, with enlarging using "minetest" most with .one and .net

got restarting a world map with locations of minetest server

also another way of getting some organization into all the mods

and tuning minetest clients server tips fixed together


Re: Webpages adverticing Minetest

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:23
by Linuxdirk
twoelk wrote:you might need to study some mt-history
But please don't answer or respond to any of the threads here or elsewhere.

Re: Webpages adverticing Minetest

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 13:20
by yw05
The server that I play on has a very interesting logo (same as gpcf's avatar because he is the server admin):
And for websites advterising MT... some server Wikis are already doing this (providing a link to the MT downloads page and going against MultiCraft):
(Sorry if this might be a bit off-topic.)

Re: Webpages adverticing Minetest

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 13:41
by Festus1965
collect this pages, so people after me can then make sure this pages are cross connected ... I think I will not be here than anymore

Re: Webpages adverticing Minetest (reactivated)

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 06:30
by Festus1965
reactivated, active, and crawled my google ... (06.07.2020)

Re: world-server-location-map

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2020 12:41
by Festus1965
retry, ...
to put all server on a world map will happen maybe automatic later,

I started with another version, making a map with the locations of the 12 nearest (by ping) servers, based on location in Chiang Mai (Thailand) =
The Idea to make several maps for regions like south-America, Australia, Japan, Korea, ... I mean the locations most far from The-Netherlands ping results,
to offer this location based maps to gamer (client users) to get easier an Idea what server might be most easy to play (low ping) from there location.

But for this I guess I need help from one person doing the Minetest-ping-sort for 10/12 servers and send me the results.

How I will put the server data (ping, name, url, ip, port) into it, is open yet, but text fields are offered there.