New Sound Effects

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New Sound Effects

by _redusk » Sat Aug 10, 2019 19:26

Hello! I am a sound designer and composer, and have made some stuff for anyone to use, freely. They are released CC0, so they can be used without attribution. (I would love to know what they’re being used in, though!)

I have created some new sound effects, and will be adding more over time.
These are higher fidelity sounds with more variation than what is currently in game.

I made loops for water, lava, wind, and rain and included some thunder sounds, and an explosion sound for lightning (or TNT or anything like that).

Some of the loops, like wind and rain, and offer layers. This means you can loop the base layer and dynamically add or remove other layers on top of it. For wind, I included whistling wind and various bird/cricket sounds in separate layers. For rain, I included a layer of rain hitting a jacket for if the character is fully exposed to the rain.

I will provide filtered versions of rain and wind for indoor use soon.

I also provide water splashes and lava “sizzles” for when a player, entity, or object collide with water or lava.

I have also made new footstep sounds for grass, dirt, metal, stone, and water. (I will add more for snow, sand, etc. soon)

There are also button sounds, which also work well in menus

Lastly, there is an ambient piano/string track. I am writing more of them.

Everything can be found here:


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Re: New Sound Effects

by Chiantos » Sun Aug 11, 2019 05:55


I listen to your sounds and I think to integrate them into my project because they are very good.
And even if it is cc0, I would quote your nickname out of respect for your work.

Ps : The music "ambient piano" is very beautiful, it allowed me to relax a little.

Good Day.
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