Minetest Mafia

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Minetest Mafia

by Lord_Silberfarben » Post

Minetest Mafia

Have you ever wanted to play mafia but with minetest?

If the answer is no, you should have!
If yes, great!

This topic is for an idea i had, which i wanted to improve(a lot, and also know if it is an existing idea.)

this is how it goes.

a gamemaster gives out the roles(good or evil) and tells the evils who their teammates are(if they have any)

and then the game pretty much moves by itself.

The players decide amongst themselves who will oversee what. for example, someone to build, someone to mine, someone to gather... etc.

everyone should seem to be working towards the same goal while the evils are actually trying to sabotage the rest, and kill them.

i have no fixed idea in mind for what this goal is, but i thought it should take about 40-60 minutes.
since each game will have 5-7(maybe??) players, the following seems to fit that:
Have a two-storey base(6+ blocks tall) that is also at least 20*20 at its base. made with anything related to stone.
a cobble generator
a farm with at least 20 plants
one bed and one chest for each player(alive)
5 iron blocks
1 diamond block
1 mese block
A portal to the nether and 10 glowstone
10 silver sandstone

the rules...
this is very WIP and i would mostly ask for your help here.
the evils can kill anytime
the idea is that they are forced to single out players and trap them.
the goods can kill in spawn
the idea is that they gang up on someone publicly

someone being attacked can't speak(so they don't give away the identity of the attacker, unless they manage to escape)
for this i would also ask if it would be possible to make a mod that disables the victims chat for 20 seconds after taking damage from a player.
that's it
the good wins when they make their goals
the evil wins when all good are dead.

about mods...
i was thinking a few, the major ones being armour, nether, farming_plus maybe...
tell me what else you think would fit!

please help me with this, i think it would be so fun to be able to play mafia in minetest.

thanks in advance

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