[ALPHA] MTLauncher, A one stop shop for all your launching needs

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[ALPHA] MTLauncher, A one stop shop for all your launching needs

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A simple launcher for minetest that in future will improve User experience. Very pre-alpha. You have been warned,
Written in python + Qt.

  1. Password management, Never forget a server password again.
    Securely store your passwords on your machine.Uses sqlite3 as storage backend + encryption of sensitive data.
  2. Protect your account from snoopers. Sign in on start up.
  3. Support for joining both 0.4.x and 5.x servers
  1. While it should work on windows, it doesnt appear to work correctly.
  2. Only a minimal launcher has been implemented. You need to manually enter server address.
  3. If you lose your password, there is NO way to retrieve saved passwords.
If you have maged to read on till here, you can find the repo on github.

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