Google Blockly (better than Scratch) for easy visual mod development

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by mauvebic » Post

Well if people need visual aides to get interested in programming, id suggest they might already prefer doing things like CAD, graphic design or 3D. The world has enough bad software.

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by hackware » Post

well guys, i've seen this many times before, when a new tool is built, and all that many can see, is a weapon to kill a sacred cow...

when a new tool is available, it is ez to just not use it, ez to not get involved, and ez to holler about that poor old sacred cow...

this set of tools will come to exist, if for no other reason than i want it to be so, as it will assist me in another fork for lisp... :-)


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It is technically a programming language.

Just a visual language.

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Found some links

by craftblox » Post

I'm not much of a developer but these links might help anyone interested in Blockly ... index.html
I hope this helps somebody!

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