[Fan Fiction] A Prologue for "Ladies and their Incentives"

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[Fan Fiction] A Prologue for "Ladies and their Incentives"

by BorisGrishenko » Post

Sup Guys, Me and Adarqet now present to you a Prologue of our upcoming 4 Part Fan Fiction entitled:
"Ladies and their Incentives"


Here I am, administrator of the Minetest Threshold server, I can't believe it was so easy to fool the unsuspecting players in this map. Oh how foolish long time and high ranking members of this server can be easily be seduced by an innocent yet very fiesty girl like me.

Sure it took me some time to get to know each person though countless hours of playing, day by day, they're nice people. Until the day I met these 4 players which got my attention. The reason why I find them interesting is that they are all the working parts of the server itself.

I really never knew or met them in the time I was playing online but I heard from the others that they're in touch with the server admin SiroG_BriS. His close friends were Constantine, HDR, and 0gb.us. These guys have been monitoring the server for almost 2 years and keeping the server child friendly.

But during the 'night-shift', the server was rowdy and adults can talk freely with no kids to keep an eye on. Then I knew when to do my move and get a bit 'closer and intimate' with them.

My name is Lady_Amelia and I will divide and conquer.


As you can see, this prologue was short yet you have an idea of what the story is going to be. If you have any comments or criticisms is highly accepted. Especially on how I used the words.

(side note: In no way whatsoever this has any sexism claims or implying any.)
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by DeepGaze » Post

this is a good teaser, I suggest giving the characters no gender(no offence to the players) it means that new characters are easier to include.
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by Adarqet » Post

We are already making chapter 1 already but okay. The name of the main character is a girls name so the gender part is kind of ehh. Also we can't think of a better username for the main character.

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by hoodedice » Post

Lady_Amelia, eh?
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