[Fan Fiction] "Ladies and their Incentives" Part 1

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[Fan Fiction] "Ladies and their Incentives" Part 1

by BorisGrishenko » Sat Jan 04, 2014 15:30

Welcome and this is the 1st installment of my Minetest Fan Fiction.
After asking many questions about the matter:https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?id=8178
I've finally finished on Chapter 1
Please read the Prologue about this story:https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?id=8160

[spoiler]minetest 0.4.9

***Lady_Amelia joined the game
***Constantine joined the game

<Lady_Amelia> Somebody help me!
<Constantine> Hmmm?
<Lady_Amelia> Are you an admin?
<Constantine> Yes, What do you want?

This is Constantine, the 3rd Moderator, he helps newbies just like me. They guide newplayers and show

them around the place. He'd be the first one I'll pick to get me closer to SiroG_BriS, he's kinder then the


<Lady_Amelia> I fell into this hole. It lead me to an underground cavern filled with water.
<Constantine> How many blocks deep are you in?
<Lady_Amelia> I dunno. How do I find out?
<Constantine> Press F5.
<Constantine> Now. How far are you in?
<Lady_Amelia> -125 blocks. I think.
<Lady_Amelia> Now how do I get out?
<Constantine> I'll just fly to you and help you get out.
<Constantine> Just give me a min.....

So, I met him. Nothing too special, his skin was like any default, but his armor got my attention sooo bad.

When he wields his pick axe, OMG he looks so sexy! All shiny and buff pixelated arms.
<Constantine> There, better?
<Lady_Amelia> .....uhhh yeah, thanks. BTW we haven't met before?
<Constantine> Since we're talking right now. This is our first time meeting.
<Constantine> Do you need help with anything.
<Lady_Amelia> Actually, I need some wood to make sticks.
<Lady_Amelia> I hope you don't mind.
<Constantine> I don't.
<Lady_Amelia> Alright then. Is yours hard?
<Constantine> What?
<Lady_Amelia> what? o-oh nothing.....

From time to time, me and Constantine would hang out near his house, go out and see the ocean and use

the boats mod, and go out and ride ostriches. Until one day, we went mining.

<Constantine> Is it your first time mining?
<Lady_Amelia> Yeah...I was kinda relying on wood, but now I need something stronger.
<Constantine> If you need something stronger, there's stone, iron and various minerals you can find

<Constantine> Also, there are diamonds. I know women love diamonds.
<Lady_Amelia> That is so typical for men like you.
<Constantine> Heh. Sorry 'bout that.
<Constantine> Would you like some company when you mine?
<Lady_Amelia> I would LOVE that.

Sometime later, night fell uopn us and we forgot about time.

<Lady_Amelia> What is this grey looking ones?
<Constantine> Those are gravel, they're like sand but "greyier"
<Lady_Amelia> Look! I mined one!
<Constantine> wait.....NOOOOOOO!

Gravel started to fall uopn us, we went the other direction and the gravel filled the exit so quick.

<Lady_Amelia> Sorry, I didn't know it would cave in on us like that!
<Lady_Amelia> Can't you use your pickaxe?
<Constantine> Even if I did, the gravel is too thick to mine
<Constantine> It would break my pickaxe. I'm gonna put up a torch
<Lady_Amelia> Looks like we'll be stuck here for a while.
<Constantine> Hopefully HDR will be online to help us.
<Lady_Amelia> Who's HDR?
<Constantine> He's the 2nd Moderator here in this server. but he's a tad rowdy.
*Lady_Amelia bites her lower lip with a smile
<Constantine> What is that grin on your face?
<Lady_Amelia> I think I found a way to pass the time and to make it up to you.
<Constantine> And how are you going to do that?
<Lady_Amelia> with a little fun.
*Lady_Amelia looks at Constantine's pants
<Constantine> wha....no..NO!
<Constantine> I don't need that kind of fun!
<Lady_Amelia> Oh come on! You have get stressed sometime from keeping the server friendly.
<Lady_Amelia> There are no children online right now.
<Constantine> I don't feel comfortable.
<Lady_Amelia> Just close your eyes and let me do the work.
*Lady_Amelia grabs Constantine's crotch
<Constantine> Whoa! You've got a tight grip. Your hands feel warm.
<Lady_Amelia> Do you want me to take it slow?
<Constantine> Please...
<Constantine> Ohhh Myy Gooodd!
<Lady_Amelia> Its too big!
<Constantine> Just try to keep it in. Can you try to go in deeper?
<Lady_Amelia> I'll try...
<Constantine> I think I'm going to........
<Constantine> ngghhhAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!
<Lady_Amelia> Its so much!
<Constantine> Sorry 'bout that.

I just got closer to Constantine than anyone else here on the server. Hopefully he'll start to open up to me

about the other Moderators, and especially the big cheese.
Just a few minutes later we heard 3 loud explosions.


<HDR> Yo Homies!
<HDR> Huh? Constantine?
<HDR> Who's the pretty lady and what happened?
<Constantine> Amelia and I were off mining when gravel started to cave in on the exit. My pickaxe can't go

through that thick layer of gravel.
<HDR> Next time bring yer TNT next time and stop being an asre-bandit.
<Constantine> Shut up, oh yeah, Amelia this is HDR.
<Constantine> I'm sorry for his erratic behavior.
<HDR> Don't you mean "erotic" behavior?
<HDR> And who are you? Miss?
<Lady_Amelia> Amelia, Lady_Amelia
<Lady_Amelia> Anyways I have to go.
<Lady_Amelia> sorry.
<Constantine> WAI-
***Lady_Amelia left the game.
<HDR> Dude, you suck when it comes to ladies.
<HDR> I'll do the seducing here thank you very much.
***HDR left the game.
<Constantine> Wait. Did they just ditched me?
<Constantine> Meh.
***Constantine left the game.
***Chapter shutting down...[/spoiler]
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by Adarqet » Sat Jan 04, 2014 16:42

Please leave your oponion of what me and boris wrote. Thank you!

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