[Game] Crevis

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[Game] Crevis

by Niften » Wed Dec 03, 2014 00:58

Hello, everyone!
Thanks for coming to my post! I want to post Crevis here as a game. I had been working on this project a year ago; although I believe it works perfectly. Anyways, feel free to modify it in any way, I'm not going to be working on this ever again.

==[The Download]==

I do not know if all of these mods are functional. If you want to take the risk, I invite you, although I believe they are mostly functional.
  • VanessaE's Flowers
  • BlockMen's HUD
  • /Author Unknown/ Beds
  • /Author Unknown/ TNT
  • Niften's Feightstone
  • /Author Unknown/ Wool
  • Niften's Ores (Alexandrite, Amber, Amethyst, Aquamarine)
  • /Author Unknown/ Animals

The discussion of this subgame cuts off here. I hope you enjoy my old subgame! You are always free to modify it, redistribute it, add mods, delete some, etc. Please don't name it 'Crevis' though!


Last Words
This may well be the last time I'm on this forum, so a few words:

- I never meant to disrupt the Minetest community with this project.
- Minetest is amazing right now, keep up the good work!
- I am very sorry for what has happened in the past with this project.
- To Jordach: I never used your Blender rig. I used a rig I found of a Minecraft guy and re-textured it, then rendered with that.

And an apology to the IRC:
I have recognized the mild language that I used on there; I was rude and careless. I'm sorry.

PilzAdam, sfan5, and Jordach: I am sorry for giving you such a hard time; for the constant debating and trouble. I will assume full responsibility for the actions of Preston, while he was on my "team."

I hope Minetest goes well and the community keeps growing. Have a wonderful, wonderful day. :)

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Re: [Game] Crevis

by Cupcake_Kitty » Sat Jan 28, 2017 23:18

Thank you for making this, I will write my opinions of it once I have downloaded it. ^.^

UPDATE: Unfortunately it is in a RAR file and I can not download it. :(

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Re: [Game] Crevis

by MinisterFarrigut » Sun Jan 29, 2017 20:16

Download winzip and the files will be converted to .zip. Or use an online converting source.
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Re: [Game] Crevis

by OldCoder » Sun Jan 29, 2017 23:37

1) The MT "_game" discussed in this thread was orphaned and wouldn't work with current MT releases.

However, I'm more of an inclusionist than a deletionist. What can be saved, updated, and used should be saved, updated, and used. This applies to old books, people, jokes, worlds, and "_games". So, I've fixed up the old "_game" and will host a functioning version myself for now.

2) Changes in this update:

* The "_game" now works with MT 0.4.14 and 0.4.15
* Replaced Sapier's Animals with TenPlus1's Mobs Redo
* Updated the standard mods used by the old "_game"
* Merged the special objects and ores from the old "_game" into a single new mod
* Added a number of useful missing mods (examples are listed below)
* Most "deprecated" warning messages have been fixed
* Per the original poster's request, the "_game" has been renamed (presently, to "notcrevis_game")

3) Partial list of mods added:

* areas - For protection of buildings and areas
* bookex - Writable books
* cozy - Lets players sit down or lie down
* flower_pot - Flower pots
* mobs - Mobs Redo and animals based on them
* nametag - Lets players put nametags on mobs and other things
* rotate - Improved rotation tool
* spawn - A new "/spawn" command (should work even without a spawn point)
* tpr - Teleport request
* ts_furniture - A lightweight furniture mod
* unified inventory - Inventory system
* worldedit - To inspect and edit nodes
* xban2 - For tracking and banning problem players

4) The overall feeling is that of a lightweight extension to "minetest_game" that produces more of a complete game.

5) If you'd like to use a different name for the "_game", note that you may need to edit the "game.conf" file in the unpacked "_game" directory tree and your MT world's ".mt" file.

6) Here's a screenshot. The purple blocks are amethyst ore unique to this "_game":


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Re: [Game] Crevis

by Chem871 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 17:25

Who made the "gems" mod in notcrevisgame? I've made armors for the 6 gems, and I'd like to know who to credit for the mod. The armors are an optional dependency.
What is SCP-055 again? I forgot.

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