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Re: [Game] Repixture [1.3.0]

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2020 22:46
by Hugues Ross
Noticed a bug with items today:

When the item_drop mod spawns an item entity from a node drop, it disregards any metadata that was supposed to be on the item. Because creative mode moves the item directly to your inventory, this can cause mods that rely on metadata to give inconsistent results depending on if their node was broken while in creative mode or not.

Re: [Game] Repixture [1.3.0]

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 17:27
by Wuzzy
Thanks for the report. I wonder how you found this bug, IIRC there aren't any nodes in the game that drop items with metadata.

Re: [Game] Repixture [1.3.0]

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 21:04
by Hugues Ross
I've got a mod in development with Repixture support planned. I worked around the issue on my end, but I figured it would be good to report the bug so that anyone in a similar situation in the future won't get blindsided.

Bug - weak torch

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 04:36
by racal
Wall mounted weak torch (default:torch_weak_wall) burns eternally.

PS... Cool game/revival. :D

Re: [Game] Repixture [1.3.0]

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 15:27
by MirceaKitsune
Gave this game a try last night. I really like the base idea of it, looks like a promising game with potential! Latest Git seems pretty simplistic though... it would be nice to see more features and items and complexity added over time.

Re: [Game] Repixture [1.3.0]

Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2020 04:31
by goats
RePixture is just a preservation fork of Pixture, so it continues to work. It isn't going to evolve... unless someone wants fork and build on it. winkwink.

Re: [Game] Repixture [1.3.0]

Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2020 14:27
by Wuzzy
Note a game does not need to receive updates all the time to be “alive”. I mean, if the game is not broken, you can still play it, after all.
I also disagree that a game must be “evolving” to be legit. At one point you just to be done with it and move on.

That having said, yes, Repixture could definitely see more content and depth, but Repixture is not on my priority list for now. It's true, there is not a lot of … stuff … in this game. Even less than MTG, to be honest. The game relies more on style and atmospherics. Definitely exploration. But I currently don't have that many ideas for it, to be honest. But yes, I agree there is definitely untapped potential.

Thing is, there's always so many directions a game like this could be pushed to: Is the focus on adventure, combat, mining, creative bulding, exploration, …?

I think an obvious addition would be just more depth. Basically, more … stuff … of everything.

A key principle for Repixture I want to keep is simplicity. Simplicity in the sense of … only a few game rules / game mechanics. Repixture will definitely not be as complex as MineClone 2. But even with simple rules you can still build a vast world of possibilities … in theory. Like I said, I don't have that many ideas for Repixture now, but I also don't think a lot about it.

Anyway, Repixture will not be going anywhere for a long time, because I am focusing on other games. But you can still play it, we're past version 1.0.0 for a long time, after all.

Version 1.3.1 and version 1.3.2 released!

Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2020 17:07
by Wuzzy
This is just a bugfix release:
  • Fix a typo
  • Don't erase item metadata when dropping item
  • Don't generate caves in water
  • Fix weak wall torch never burning out
  • Don't mess with gravity when going to bed (fixes players that sometimes float above bed)
  • Fix player taking damage when damage is disabled
  • Fix TNT screwing up beds and doors

Version 1.3.3 released!

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2020 03:06
by Wuzzy
Here's a new release, made for Minetest 5.3.0 to fix bugs.

  • New required Minetest version: 5.3.0
  • Fix breath bar not disappearing at all
  • Apply Minetest's native background statbar icons

Boats for Repixture – quick and dirty

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:19
Copy the mods "boats" and "player_api" from MinetestGame into the "mods" folder of pixture_revival.

In "init.lua" of "boats" only a few lines at the end have to be modified:

change this:

Code: Select all

	output = "boats:boat",
	recipe = {
		{"",           "",           ""          },
		{"group:wood", "",           "group:wood"},
		{"group:wood", "group:wood", "group:wood"},

	type = "fuel",
	recipe = "boats:boat",
	burntime = 20,

Code: Select all

	output = "boats:boat",
	items = {
		"group:planks 5",
		"default:fiber 4",
		"default:stick 2",

	type = "fuel",
	recipe = "boats:boat",
	burntime = 20,

… and now: have fun!

Re: [Game] Repixture [1.3.3]

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2020 19:23
by catagent101
I found a bug. Flint and steel can light burned out torches on the floor and ceiling but not burned out torches on walls.

Version 1.3.4 released!

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 14:41
by Wuzzy
Version 1.3.4 released!

  • Fix flint and steel failing to light up wall torches

Re: [Game] Repixture [1.3.4]

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2020 12:13
by tgree
Hi, nice game, my son loves it !

I wanted to report a little translation error in French: ...
46 Cobble=Bricoler

"Cobble" should be "Pavé"
(actually "to cobble" means "bricoler", auto-translate was probably involved there ;))

Version 1.3.5 released!

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2020 13:20
by Wuzzy
Version 1.3.5 released!

  • Fix possible crash related to hunger
  • Fix translation of "cobble" in French (thanks, tgree!)
  • Fix Creative Inventory trash slot not working for player named "trash"
  • Added object crosshair (will take effect in Minetest 5.4.0)

Re: [Game] Repixture [1.3.5]

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2020 04:52
by ryuk
Hello! (this is my first post ever on the forums)
Thanks for keeping this simple yet stable game alive, you're awesome! :-)

I noticed a bug: If you have the creative tool in survival mode, when you die, the whole thing crashes.
It would be nice (for server admins, for example) to be able to keep the creative tool to mess around and let the other players play in survival.

To reproduce: enable creative mode, give yourself the creative tool, then quit, disable creative mode go back in game and kill yourself in some way.
You'll see:

Code: Select all

AsyncErr: ServerThread::run Lua: Runtime error from mod 'builtin_item' in callback on_dieplayer(): ...e/ryuk/.minetest/games/repixture/mods/item_drop/init.lua:31: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
	...e/ryuk/.minetest/games/repixture/mods/item_drop/init.lua:31: in function 'drop_item'
	...minetest/games/repixture/mods/drop_items_on_die/init.lua:25: in function <...minetest/games/repixture/mods/drop_items_on_die/init.lua:16>
	/usr/share/minetest/builtin/game/register.lua:429: in function </usr/share/minetest/builtin/game/register.lua:413>
Again, thanks for everything!

Version 1.3.6!

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2020 19:59
by Wuzzy
I fixed two bugs in version 1.3.6:

1) Crash related to dropped items (thanks for reporting!)
2) Mobs detect incorrect owner

Note I do not plan to do any feature updates for Repixture at the moment. So only bugfixes and basic maintenance for now.

Re: [Game] Repixture [1.3.6]

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2020 21:36
by Jackknife
I noticed there aren't any mine carts, but its not a big deal.
Just was wondering about that when I tried it out a week or two ago.

Version 1.4.0! Version 1.4.1!

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2021 14:10
by Wuzzy
Version 1.4.0 is released! This is a release for the new Minetest version 5.4.0.

  • Compability bugfixes for Minetest 5.4.0
  • Needs Minetest 5.4.0 now
  • Added button press sound effect
  • Use checkmark in achievements list for completed achievements instead of a long word
  • Fix bad button offset of pressed buttons
EDIT: Version 1.4.1 is released!
This fixes a regression which made all liquids opaque in the previous version.