[Game] Decoblocks [R5]

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Re: [Game] Decoblocks [R5]

by rubenwardy » Thu Nov 02, 2017 16:11

Wuzzy wrote:3) Mapgen alias for river water is missing
3) No listring support

Likely due to the author last visiting in 2015

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Re: [Game] Decoblocks [R5]

by Inocudom » Wed Nov 08, 2017 20:41

Yeah, as my screenshots show, this subgame is old:
(23.12 KiB) Not downloaded yet
(61.07 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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Re: [Game] Decoblocks [R5]

by Thermal_Shock » Sun Dec 31, 2017 16:04

I'd shelved the game and had decided to wait for Minetests features to mature a bit more before continuing again. Since I'm on vacation I think its a good time to take a look at things and reacquaint myself with Minetest. I was a bit surprised to see some fairly recent posts.

Obviously I'm a bit out of the loop with whats changed in last couple of years. So it's going to take a bit for me to get back up to speed.

Wuzzy wrote:1) There is no crafting guide

After a quick search I'm assuming you're referring to jps Crafting Guide mod? I wholeheartedly agree it's an essential mod.

2) I can't break trees in suvival

That's by game design. I always felt tree punching was a bit silly. Instead sticks are gathered from leaves, and stone for stone tools is crafted from gravel blocks. The stone axe is crafted with the standard recipe.

3) Mapgen alias for river water is missing

The last release of Decoblocks was made before river water was implemented. But it looks I had fixed that issue in my development version.

1) Tall grass and grass block color don't match well

I agree. It's an overdue change.

2) Stone footstep sound sounds strange

Yes the sounds in the game are terribly neglected. I should just go with Minetests default sounds. It's not like I'm planning on doing anything mindblowing in the sound department.

3) No listring support

Oh cool. Shift clicking. Looks like I'd have to update the kiln and default gui in order to get that working.

4) Tree growth algorithm is weird (trees appear out of nowhere)

That was my hilariously broken way of getting custom tree spawning to work. If I recall I used invisible tree cuttings as decoration with a grow time of zero. Since then I'd changed the trees to schematic files that are spawned as a decoration.

After a quick test run it looks like leaf decay has changed a bit. Seems nodeupdate has been depreciated and I get a crash when it's called. I'll have to do some more poking to see if anything else has broken.

I do have a list of new features I'd like to implement. Some I'd already added such as new wood types and trees, expanded brick options, some other small things. I'm not sure when I'll put out a new release, but I am now working on it.

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Re: [Game] Decoblocks [R5]

by Thermal_Shock » Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:16

I'm overhauling and adding a bit more than I initially thought I would, however I've got things back to a playable state. So here's what I'll call a preview build.

Added so far.

-Changed trees to schematic file system.
-Added gruelwood tree. Found in Black Granite Shield and Pink Granite Shield biomes.
-Added matchbox tree. Found in mixed woodland, pink granite shield, and boreal forest biomes.
-Added fairywood tree. Found in mixed woodland, pink granite shield, and boreal forest biomes.
-Added sweetmerlot tree. Found only within rainforest biomes.
-Cheapwood trees are now found in boreal forest, mixed woodland and
rainforest biomes.
-Updated Creative Mode to Mintest_Game's current version.
-Added Smart Inventory by bell07
-Expanded options for stone bricks. Game now has seven types of stone brick.
-Added roman brickmold to create clay roman bricks.
-Added roman clay bricks and mudbricks.
-Added concrete bricks. Follows same patterns as stone bricks.
-Lamps can now be crafted into slabs and stairs.
-Reduced selection box size for plants. Now easier to work around.
-Wet mudbrick is now a falling node.
-Reduced number of textures with use of the colorize feature.
-Added recipe. White lamps can now be dyed other colours.
-Added recipe. Humblebush spores to brown dye.
-Some minor texture tweaks.
-Updated leafdecay code.
-Added listring support to kiln and chests.
-Fixed png image incorrect sRGB profile errors with help from pngcrush.
-Added river water nodes in order to be compatible with new mapgen changes.

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