Content database for in-menu installer - add your things!

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Re: Content database for in-menu installer - add your things!

by rubenwardy » Post

sorcerykid wrote:
Tue Sep 15, 2020 23:18
Every .zip file upload I attempt results in "Task Failed" for some reason. So I can't create a release.
There's a bug in the post-release validation - the step where it validates package (ie: init.luas exist, correct type of thing) and gathers dependencies. I've manually fixed it, and created an issue for the bug
sorcerykid wrote:
Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:09
What does "Unapproved ____" mean? In my notifications two of my submissions were listed this way. But I see no explanation.
I clicked approve and then realised I shouldn't have done that - I was going to create a thread / investigate it myself, but I can probably ask here. Are beds and doors drop in replacements for the beds and doors in MTG? Like, will any worlds be broken and will mods that use the beds/doors APIs still work

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Re: Content database for in-menu installer - add your things!

by PolySaken » Post

I assume it means your packages are no longer approved

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Re: Content database for in-menu installer - add your things!

by sorcerykid » Post

Thanks for checking into the bug!

I'm happy to confirm that all of my mods named "Redux" are intended as seamless, drop-in replacements for the original versions. Meaning existing functionality is maintained for backwards compatibility. In some cases (like Beds Redux and Auth Redux), it may be necessary to run a command-line script to convert the data files. Instructions for using such scripts are mentioned in the ContentDB description of the package.

There is one caveat tho with Beds Redux. It requires a static_spawnpoint be set. This is due to a conflict with the Spawn mod of Minetest game. But that limitation is mentioned in the README.txt file.

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