ContentDB is 5 today

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ContentDB is 5 today

by rubenwardy » Post

ContentDB was first released to the public 5 years to this day. I created ContentDB in 2018 as coursework for my web tech module at university. This was an awesome opportunity that gave a lot of time to create it that I wouldn't have otherwise had. For more information on ContentDB's history and design decisions, see the blog post about it

Some stats

ContentDB has had over 9 million downloads. As an estimate, that could be around 100TB. There are currently 1942 packages.

865 users have posted 9000 comments and 2800 reviews.

In the last 12 months, ContentDB has received 97.4k clicks from Google Search.
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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by TenPlus1 » Post

Congratulations for 5 years running, and thank you for keeping it so :)

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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by Rednoob » Post

That's nice!
I just logged into ContentDB and saw it!
I like the birthday cakes at the comments.
Hopefully it will exist for another 5 years and longer :)
I'm still new so sorry for mistakes ;-;
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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by Blockhead » Post

Wow, those are actually some pretty impressive numbers. And the best part - all of it is free of charge, and almost all of it free as in freedom too. It's significantly bigger than the steam workshop for some small game like Colony Survival, too.

And it's not like the authors on ContentDB have to be experts, in fact many people's first (or at least first decent) mods make it onto ContentDB, and that's the first time many of them have used a language like Lua. That's in contrast to Java mods for [big game], which present a bigger barrier to creation. So we are able to punch above our weight in content sharing.

Here's to another 5 🎉
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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by Linuxdirk » Post

5 years already? Thanks for maintaining it all the time! Feels like yesterday!

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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by Wuzzy » Post


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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by aSliceOfCake » Post

Congrats and "happy contentBD birthday" :3 hopefully it reaches lots more

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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by freshreplicant » Post

Congratulations! Honestly one the best project of its type and serves as a model for how other FOSS games can implement their own content ecosystem. Well done Ruben, thank you for all the work you put into it. Here's to many more!

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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by Nicu » Post

Happy birthday, and many more! :D

Do you have expansion plans for it? :)

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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by Midnight » Post

Congrats on ContentDB's 5 year.
And that is pretty nice too for its a free database for one of the best games in history where one can code and let other people see what their surprise code is.
Again Congrats and thanks :)

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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by Komodo » Post

Happy birthday ContentDB. I can't believe it's been 5 years, but you've made a big difference.
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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by Blocky_Player » Post

ContentDB has made mods alot more accessible to people within the Minetest community that aren't that experienced with sites like Github. Heck, I still don't understand Github entirely and ContentDB has been my main package-sharing website for almost a year now. I'm proud of what the Minetest community has been able to create using Minetest as base and I can't thank the developers and maintainers of Minetest enough for the continued effort and endurance.

Take a bow, Rubenwardy and the Minetest team. You've done excellent :D
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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by Zughy » Post


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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by LoopyAntenna » Post

Congratulations on 5 years! ContentDB allowed me to fulfill my dream of modding Minecraft (in a way), and I've had a lot of fun doing it. Capture The Flag and HANS have brought me much joy. Minetest is good enough to replace Minecraft, and I hope it doesn't stop anytime soon!

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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by Andrey01 » Post

Very impressing stats! There has a great number of various packages been already stored up and it is necessary to take into account it is only ~ 1/3 of all mods/games/texture packs ever published + still maps which are not there. So, actually Minetest has a rich diversity of the content.

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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by Mantar » Post

ContentDB is pretty boss, thanks to Ruben and everybody who made it great!
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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by 56independent_actual » Post

Wow, you inspire me! So many clicks, mods, and other things, and not a single ad in sight!

I have A-levels after these dumb iGCSEs and then i'll have a non-exam-assessment (AKA: AQA says "program something really cool"), which means i might finally have the time and resources to work on something with similar scope (and if worst comes to worst, i have a GOL program already programmed to use as a drop-in replacement).

Any ideas? I'm currently "working" (dispirate attempts at this point) on a tag-based system to search the web inspired mainly by contentDB's UI.
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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by mtvisitor » Post

Congratulations for the milestone(s) and the efforts.
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Re: ContentDB is 5 today

by cx384 » Post

Happy birthday ContentDB, you are still young and constantly evolving. Thank you for managing our mods, games and texture packs. I hope you will be with us for many more years.

Also thanks to rubenwardy for birth and raise creating and maintaining you. A separate platform, besides the forum, really has its benefits.
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