[0.4.12-dev] Mod security

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Re: [0.4.12-dev] Mod security

by Sokomine » Tue Nov 29, 2016 20:27

I still have that problem stated in my previous postings: My handle_schematics mod can't work properly. It is in part a filie browser. Its purpose is to save schematics (so far so good - no problem there) and to place schematics into the world (WorldEdit, .mts or even .schematic format). Those schematics can be found in the worldname/schems/ folder (placed there by WorldEdit) or in some gamename/mods/modname/schems/* folder (may vary a bit from mod to mod). In order for my mod to be able to supply players with a way to transfer a building from one map to another, they need to be able to select it somehow. And the mod needs to be able to actually *read* the schema file. Just telling people to copy it over does not seem to be a good idea. Neither is telling them to turn security off.

I'd be fine with an extra, simple, easy-to-understand-and-check mod that provides read access to directories (filename extensions .mts, .schematic, .we and .meta are required - the rest is of no intrest anyway) and that provides read access to those files. Said read access is only required for files which *another world* or *another mod* could read anyway. The files need to be readable without having to be opened in the init phase.
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Re: [0.4.12-dev] Mod security

by sfan5 » Wed Nov 30, 2016 09:47

Please open an issue on Github so this isn't overlooked before the release.
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Re: [0.4.12-dev] Mod security

by Lichtbringer » Fri Feb 24, 2017 22:54

do_evil_thing() needs to check the environment for which mod requested it and not which mod is running currently.

request_insecure_environment() needs to set "environment.mod = mod with this command in it's code" and prohibit further change in this instance of insecure_environment.


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