Map generation limit setting: Please update

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Map generation limit setting: Please update

by paramat » Mon Mar 27, 2017 02:43

The 'map_generation_limit' setting has been moved to a per-world mapgen parameter, it will now be stored in a world's 'map_meta.txt' file like this:

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chunksize = 5
mapgen_limit = 31000
mg_biome_np_heat = {
   flags = defaults
   lacunarity = 2
   octaves = 3
   offset = 50
   persistence = 0.5
   scale = 50
   seed = 5349
   spread = (1000,1000,1000)
mg_biome_np_heat_blend = {
   flags = defaults
   lacunarity = 2
   octaves = 2
   offset = 0

Your existing worlds will have the new mapgen parameter line added to their 'map_meta.txt' when you update to the new MT engine version, and the default value of 31000 will be set.
If you have an existing world with a non-default mapgen limit you will need to add a line like this to your minetest.conf file before rejoining the world in the new MT engine version:

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mapgen_limit = 4500

The desired value will then be set.

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Re: Map generation limit setting: Please update

by Wuzzy » Sat Apr 01, 2017 00:12

A good and neccessary change. Thanks for announcing things like these, and please continue with this form of communication.
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