Stability of each mapgen

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Stability of each mapgen

by paramat » Sun Dec 24, 2017 16:44

'Official stability' means we will not alter the terrain shape (that includes the structure of caves) unless it is unavoidable as part of a bugfix.
For non-mgv6 mapgens the biome system is separate and defined by MTGame, and is not stable, however changes are likely to be subtle and the worst that can happen is a few straight-edged biomes.

Mgv6 has been officially stable since 2012. Since mgv6 biomes are hardcoded into the engine the biomes are also stable.

Mgv7 terrain has been officially stable since 0.4.16 when it was made the default mapgen, however the optional floatlands (disabled by default) are not stable yet, maybe they will be for 0.5.0.

Mgv5 terrain is officially stable because it is a copy of the old mgv5 from 2011.

Mgflat and mgsinglenode are obviously officially stable.

Mgfractal, mgvalleys and mgcarpathian terrains are not officially stable but i currently don't see any intent to alter them.

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Re: Stability of each mapgen

by Wuzzy » Tue Dec 26, 2017 21:40

Thank you, this is interesting information, but how is this news? ;-)

Information like this needs to be written down in README files, documentation, etc. instead of scattering it in the forums.
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