June - This Month in Minetest

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June - This Month in Minetest

by rubenwardy » Post

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Re: June - This Month in Minetest

by PrairieWind » Post

I read the AI modding minetest article. Ah yes, I can say for sure that I for one used to cargo cult program when I first started modding. I you look at the code of my first mod, Color Blocks (https://github.com/PrairieAstronomer/mi ... blocks-mod), it has stupid looking alias definitions. I was definitely cargo culting when I did that, I had no idea what the point of aliases was. Now, I actually know. Kind of odd looking at how much I have progressed.

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Re: June - This Month in Minetest

by ost » Post

i just translated this month blog to spanish
could you add a link in the blog¿

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