February - Last Month in Minetest

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February - Last Month in Minetest

by rubenwardy » Post

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Re: February - Last Month in Minetest

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Thanks blog team for another entry. This month felt a little light on, everyone back at work/school/uni I guess? (Maybe more of an Australian thing where pretty much everybody from school kids to 9-5ers takes time off in January).

To the best of my knowledge, Minesweeper 3D was written a number of years ago and was in place during a long period of downtime for Tunneler's Abyss - ref. It was just fully published to GitLab, Forums & ContentDB recently.

It's worth noting that after the boats update for Repixture was the sound update.

Would have been worth mentioning too that 5.7 will be dedicated to Jude Melton-Houghton as well - may he rest in piece.
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Re: February - Last Month in Minetest

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FYI, there will be a 5.7 release post, as well as a March Last Month in Minetest.

As far as the post being a bit light, I put in the news people send me over on github. I also end up finding some news myself, although I prefer to have people bring me their news on the issue tracker.

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