April - Last Month in Minetest

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April - Last Month in Minetest

by rubenwardy » Post

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Re: April - Last Month in Minetest

by Desour » Post

That steampunk castle by Notsowow looks pretty cool!
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Re: April - Last Month in Minetest

by Blockhead » Post

The long-waited 5.7.0 has been great, thanks to everyone involved in that again - on top of the replies to the News subforum thread.

Has the ability to have focused elements in formspecs styled differently propagated into builtin and/or Minetest Game yet?

This blog entry was pretty heavy on x_farming. But x_farming did also appear to have a lot of new stuff going for it. Not sure I would have included all 3 videos as embeds though.
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Re: April - Last Month in Minetest

by JALdMIC » Post

I don't speak English
I like to talk about my mod in the next blog post,i write this in here because i don't have a github account and i believe is not really necessary need one just for make that request(i read in some part who for mention your mod also can send a message to one of the guys of the blog),i finished the creation of part 2 of Assets Warehouse and i like to this was mentioned in the blog.

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