[0.4.7] Common dropped

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[0.4.7] Common dropped

by PilzAdam » Post

Hello everyone!
In 0.4.6 we introduced the common mod system, where games can easily include mods from the pseudo game common. We also added the games "Survival" and "Build".
However, it turned out that this system was not good in practice. So we dropped common, Survival and Build. All mods are moved back to minetest_game. People can modify the game now with mods instead of making their own game. So e.g. someone can come up with a "build" game that disables the bones mod and makes lava renewable.

What stable versions are effected?
Common wont be included in 0.4.7 anymore.

How do can I play my maps that I created with "Survival" or "Build" game?
Easy. Just go to the world directory, open world.mt and change the line gameid to:

Code: Select all

gameid = minetest
Now you can play the world with minetest_game.

I have downloaded a game that still needs common
The engine still supports common. Just download it here and install it like a normal game. Then the game that depends on common should work again.
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by tinoesroho » Post

All the new "games" were one of the reasons why I never upgraded to 0.4.6 (although all the shiny new engine fixes tempted me!). I'm glad to see a return to the "classic" way; this means that when I build it, I only have to download two repositories rather than three or four.

Looking forward to 0.4.7!
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by webdesigner97 » Post

I never liked this "common mods" thing, so I'm happy that it will be removed. And the idea of having multiple games is good, but then they need to be planned better and have different contents, not only +/- 2 or 3 mods. Let's see how 0.4.7 will be! ;)

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by paramat » Post

This seems like a good move to me.

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by hdastwb » Post

Thank goodness! I think the only thing that the common mod system had going for it was that one could save space and effort by sharing mod code between games, but with only one standard set of shared mods the system seemed quite limited.

Just installing mods as parts of games makes a lot more sense.

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by rubenwardy » Post

I am not sure how I feel about this, but it does make things much easier and simpler.

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by 12Me22 » Post

any ETA on 0.4.7?

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by vv221 » Post

Let me guess: When it's done?

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by kaeza » Post

vv221 wrote:Let me guess: When it's done?
Congratulations! You guessed correctly!
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