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[0.4.10] Release Candidate builds

Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2014 17:05
by sfan5
0.4.10 was originally intended to be released today, but issues arose.
It was postponed to July 13th.
We decided to use the feature freeze time more effectively by releasing RC builds for testing purposes.

Grab them here:
Windows 32bit MinGW: ... 1-win32.7z
Windows 32bit MSVC: ...
Windows 64bit MinGW: ... 1-win64.7z
Windows 64bit MSVC: ...

Known issues:
  • Crashes related to riding entities e.g. sitting in a boat. #1445
  • Crashes when connecting to servers #1434
  • Lighting issue with smooth lighting disabled #1436
  • /clearobjects deleting player entities from the map #1425
Happy testing!