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Forum rules and conditions

Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 17:56
by VanessaE
  • By registering, you agree to act suitably (like on any other forum; e.g. not posting illegal content (according to the Finnish law) or pornography, no flooding, no spamming, no viruses and such) and acknowledge that the moderators can ban you for not doing so, or for any other reason.
  • In any event you are responsible for your posts, and the other users are responsible for their posts, not the operators of this forum.
  • Change of host: You also agree that this forum can be moved to a different host and a different country (might be needed if the traffic increases a lot), including the user account data.
  • The language of this forum is english, except for the "other languages" section.
  • Offtopic: The "Offtopic" section, while not necessarily Minetest-related in content, shall be kept to a clean standard as appropriate for the rest of these forums. In short, that means shitposting (in "Offtopic", or anywhere else for that matter) will be removed without warning, and may result in bans.
  • No content deletion: In regards to first posts detailing the release of a texture pack, mod, game, or some other add-on resource, if the day comes that a user wishes to stop supporting his or her software, that's fine, but the user is not permitted to just blank out the details of the post, as this prevents users from searching for alternatives, and makes extra work for the Forum moderators. Doing so is grounds to be banned from these Forums.
  • Hacking/Cheating: It is not permissible to promote, link, or otherwise direct Forum users to any kind of "hacking" or "cheating" tools, regardless of their claimed purpose. This includes but is not limited to scripts, bots, modified Minetest clients, CSM mods, third-party programs, etc. Doing so is grounds for an immediate, permanent ban, and may result deletion of all of the user's posts.
  • No personal attacks: Members of this forum should not be insulted or otherwise attacked on the basis of who or what they are. If you wish to criticize someone for their actions, it should be constructive. Please remember this is a game forum. You should be polite when possible and leave political and other unrelated opinions elsewhere if they might prove disruptive.
  • Moderators' decisions are final: Forum members are expected to heed requests from moderators. Moderators' decisions are final in the event of disagreement. You can get banned by not following instructions given to you by a moderator.
  • Allowed licenses: The use of licenses which do not allow derivatives or redistribution is not permitted for mods, games, and texture packs. This includes CC-ND (No-Derivatives) and most other non-free licenses. The use of licenses which discriminate between groups of people or forbid the use of the content on servers or singleplayer is also not permitted. This applies where ever the content is found, including but not limited to any forum or signatures
  • These conditions may change in the future without notice
The contents of this post have been signed-off on by multiple admins/moderators, and shall be considered the official rules for these Forums.
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Amendment 1: Behaviour

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 21:38
by celeron55
There has been some behavior on the forum that warrants adding some points about general conduct. Added two new points: "No personal attacks" and "Moderators' decisions are final"

Amendment 2: Licenses

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 13:28
by rubenwardy
Added allowed licenses