Leaving ContentDB

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Re: Leaving ContentDB

by Epoxum » Post

I made some sushi textures for ethereal. License CC0
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Re: Leaving ContentDB

by Festus1965 » Post

ROllerozxa wrote:
Mon Nov 21, 2022 09:23
...Here's links to the approval threads for the packages I took down during the audit.

Farming Redo: https://content.minetest.net/threads/3635/
Ethereal NG: https://content.minetest.net/threads/2541/
Simple Skins: https://content.minetest.net/threads/3667/
Water Mobs: https://content.minetest.net/threads/3666/
Wine: https://content.minetest.net/threads/3664/
Si in my opinion as of some law knowledge - EVERY server owner / admin that uses this mod have to update to avoid then a regression against server-owner as of KNOW as of this thread there are / was license issues,
to not get involved by STILL using maybe ... wrong parts ?

I just do it better: farming_redo, ethereal NG, mobs_water ... done
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Re: Leaving ContentDB

by c56 » Post

i think a possible solution to all of this would be to have contentdb repositorys ,
like some linux distros have different repos for nonfree software such as the ubuntu multiverse repo ,
i think that to avoid all the BS that is the licensing minefield the future contentdb could work like this :
mod author creates git repo with a file listing his mods (and which versions the mods are on how to get older versions of them costum update rules etc) and request to add the repo to the new contentdb website (which would be a list of repos ) if accepted the repo is added , now the minetest client displays repository's and allows users to install / fetch them , installed / fetched repos show the mods in detail ( screenshots long description etc ) whereas not installed repos only show mod list inside them and short description & small icon (32x to 64x ) to not waste bandwith , this would solve the issue as people who want nonfree mods (for some reason ) could simply add the nonfree repo (preferably unofficial ) and people who dont do not have to (also this would allow having different repo's for different age groups and such )
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Re: Leaving ContentDB

by TenPlus1 » Post

@Epoxum - Many thanks for the sushi textures, will add those today.

@c56 - If ContentDB had the option to link downloads from other sources instead of hosting the mod themselves that would avoid license issues entirely because it's not on their site. I could easily have linked the downloadable file to the one's on notabug.org (my git site).

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Re: Leaving ContentDB

by rudzik8 » Post

The main issue with download button linking to an external site is that this site can easily be taken down and you won't be able to download the package anymore. However, when download button is linked to the ContentDB itself (well, its' CDNs or something), you always will be able to download the package (until the DB itself is taken down, of course)
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by TenPlus1 » Post

My mods have been re-added to ContentDB with all of the new (licensed) textures added so far, they are awaiting approval. Thank you to those who have donated their time and effort to helping me, it will not be forgotton. I will however go through all of my mods and see which textures I have permission to use but no license attached, those will need to be dealt with in time.

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Re: Leaving ContentDB

by Komodo » Post

Excellent. Glad to see everyone came together to make it all work :)

If you dont have the licenses but only permission, you should prob accept remade textures with proper licenses.
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Re: Leaving ContentDB

by MisterE » Post

Please post a list of the textures that are needed, or small lists as you go.

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Re: Leaving ContentDB

by monkeypox » Post

good minetest mod search engine

Just select search using "Author"
https://krock-works.uk.to/minetest/modS ... q=Tenplus1

In this forum clicking user name then "List all mods posted by this user" is ok

I like also like and use content DB but as a user I only care about malware. Fuck Minecraft lol.

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