[SOLVED] I am having trouble with the teaching mod

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[SOLVED] I am having trouble with the teaching mod

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I am writing about using Minetest as an educational tool, but I have a problem with the teaching mod.


I set up a user with the teach privileges as the mod explains, and, in creative mode, lay out the puzzles, including the checker node.

What I want to do next is leave the answer blocks laying around so students can find them, take them to the puzzle and place them. So I do that, but when I log in as a "student" user, I can't pick the solution nodes up. I think: "Fair enough, if I could pick up these blocks, I would be able to demolish or manipulate the puzzles the teacher has set up."

Edit: The developer was very kind and changed the mod to behave like I suggested. Awesome.

So I log in as a third player in creative mode and drop the solution nodes round about the puzzle. When I log in as a student user, I still can't break and pick up these blocks.

What am I missing?

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