(Just for fun) Why Minetest Game will never be realistic

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Re: (Just for fun) Why Minetest Game will never be realistic

by GreenDimond » Fri Mar 16, 2018 00:30

sofar wrote:* You can look straight down and never see your own genitals (well, for some people this is accurate).

Or anything, for that matter. Sam is a floating head from his perspective. Or maybe even just floating eyes... floating eyes and his right hand... o-o
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Re: (Just for fun) Why Minetest Game will never be realistic

by PolySaken » Fri Mar 16, 2018 08:49

you can hold 65535 cubic meters of diamond in your hand and still be able to sprint across the world as if you had wings on your feet.

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Re: (Just for fun) Why Minetest Game will never be realistic

by Buddler » Fri Mar 16, 2018 11:53

  • You can carry lava in steel buckets.
  • You can forge stone tools back into shape on an anvil.
  • Ditto diamond tools.
  • In fact, pickaxe blades made of solid diamond.
  • You can cut down things that are three metres away from you with hand-held tools. (That's ten feet for those used to Imperial units.)
  • The sun is a cube.
  • You can carry entire trains in your pockets.
  • Snow-covered landscapes border on a searing hot and arid desert.
  • The only buildings far and wide are abandoned brick bunkers. Dozens upon dozens of them.
  • Tunnel-boring machines that also lay railway tracks as they go.
  • Gravity only works on certain creatures, liquids, sand (not even always) and gravel, but not on rock, dirt or tree trunks.
  • Palm trees, cotton and oranges can grow in the tundra.
  • You can carry milk (fresh from the cow), fruit and raw meat around with you or keep it in storage as long as you want. Expiry dates, what's that?
  • Beaches are mostly quicksand.
  • You can run around Middle Earth in your undies, and nobody cares.
Chem871 wrote:Gold armor. Just why.

  • You can be a literal tin soldier by wearing tin armour.

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Re: (Just for fun) Why Minetest Game will never be realistic

by voxelproof » Fri Mar 16, 2018 14:06

Well, to me the differences between MT (or other voxel sandboxes) and real life are very obvious and, even though it may look as a trite, worth enumerating:

- There's neither smog nor smoke, even when you set on fire the whole world;
- The weather in the default game is always fine;
- Albeit short, the daytime is easily extendable thanks to the control over time;
- The water in Minetest rivers, lakes and seas is clear and clean;
- There're no piles of rubbish in the Minetest forests, even there's no mod that introduces such filthy features (except those which feature radioactivity);
- The socialisation to the Minetest community's rules does not require installing mods introducing zombies and other aggresive NPCs;
- There's no smog. Oh, I've probably mentioned it already.

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Re: (Just for fun) Why Minetest Game will never be realistic

by ptvirgo » Sun Mar 18, 2018 20:57

You constantly look for opportunities to do *hard* labor under *insane* working conditions even though food is abundant, weather is a non issue, and money can't get you anything that wouldn't be easier to just pick up off the ground or make yourself.
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Re: (Just for fun) Why Minetest Game will never be realistic

by orwell » Sun Mar 18, 2018 21:31

- there are cars. These cars have engines. Interestingly, you never need to fill up gasoline, you can drive the car forever.
- the cars can even jump up 1m!
- you can swim up a waterfall
- a boat can swim up a waterfall
- sometimes rivers can flow uphill (at least the flow animation goes the right way)
- a 1x1m pond of water can provide a field of 48m^2 with water and it never dries out
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Re: (Just for fun) Why Minetest Game will never be realistic

by veriaqa » Mon Mar 19, 2018 02:03

Wuzzy wrote:Hi, this is just a fun thread and not meant serious or to bash anything. Just for fun. ;-)
- 20 fist punches kill a human

Well, this is realistic by the way. Some only needs less than 10 punches to kill a human.

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Re: (Just for fun) Why Minetest Game will never be realistic

by Wuzzy » Mon Mar 19, 2018 02:41

You're literally a blockhead.
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Re: (Just for fun) Why Minetest Game will never be realistic

by Linuxdirk » Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:57

Buddler wrote:pickaxe blades made of solid diamond.

Real-life diamond tools would shatter into thousands of pieces at first use.


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