MineTest Versions vs. Builds?

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MineTest Versions vs. Builds?

by LolManKuba » Tue Apr 10, 2012 21:43

Well I've been wondering for a while, why are there regular Minetest versions and then theres MineTest builds, what's the diffrence?

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by neko259 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 05:09

Well, not every build can be made a release.

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by bgsmithjr » Wed Apr 11, 2012 05:17

Builds are the developers way of giving us a sneak preview and a chance to mod, and offer help with the latest project that works(96%). Releases are finished, done, no improvements no rethinking, or anything. Plus releases would make the developer proud, builds are a way of including you into what is current, unfinished,and unpolished, with problems, and stuff like that.
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