Poll: Growing crops and/or saplings underground?

Light levels and crop and saplling growth

Poll ended at Tue Jan 10, 2017 21:39

1 - No Change: Light level 14 is needed to grow anything. A mese lamp will be needed to grow anything underground. A prettier mese light will be added.
2 - Allow torches to grow saplings underground. Doesn't change crops - those still need sunlight to grow. This would change the sapling to grow at the light level that torches produce.
3 - Allow saplings to grow irregardless of light. Restores something which was possible much earlier (0.4.13 and before).
4 - Allow everything to grow slower at low light levels. This would allow crops and saplings to grow underground, with torches, but they would just grow slower (a lot).
5 - Saplings and crops grow at lower light (torch) levels. If torches are reduced in light level, this means the light level for the crops/saplings to grow is reduced accordingly. This is the same as (4), but plants grow the same speed as at max light levels, not slower.
Total votes : 53

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Re: Poll: Growing crops and/or saplings underground?

by TumeniNodes » Mon Jan 09, 2017 01:26

Why not simply allow 1-(one) mod which is a lighting mod... and with that mod, if you have 4 of them in a certain area, will produce the = light of the Sun?
In real life, people use lighting indoors and I am sure underground a bit to grow vegetation and certain food crops. I grow tomatoes indoors.... (as seen on t.v, not sold in stores, limited quantities so order now...)

My opinion might not make much difference because I don't even do any farming in MT but, in my thoughts..., why make such a severe changes which may have implications down the road?
Why not (as I stated) allow someone to create that lighting mod so those who want it, have it... those who don't, ... well, they just don't.

I honestly have a hard time understanding how such a small topic has seemed to become such a huge fuss? In real life, many things that grow above ground., will not grow underground (or indoors) except for the genius of man created by necessity... (Build the Mod). ; )

I guess my vote goes to #1 in this case :P

You can have or use whatever my meselamp texture from my tp if someone is a skilled enough pixel artist (I know we have quite a few here) to make the 32px version look nice at 16px... if you want it
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Re: Poll: Growing crops and/or saplings underground?

by Alcyone » Mon Jan 09, 2017 09:18

Be able to grow some culture underground like tomato could be realistic but not in the light of a torch : see for the indoor culture, it's always powerful light, so let's use mese lamps if we want to grow something underground but not torches.
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Re: Poll: Growing crops and/or saplings underground?

by sofar » Thu Jan 12, 2017 07:57

Poll is now closed. We have enough feedback to understand what people would like to see.


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