[Wiki] Is the big text on Chinese wiki necessary?

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[Wiki] Is the big text on Chinese wiki necessary?

by muhdnurhidayat » Tue Apr 25, 2017 19:06

If you go to the official Minetest wiki right now, and go to the Chinese translation, you'll find a big text "很多资源在中国无法使用!" repeated three times, which translates to "Many resources could not be used / accessed from China".

It is acceptable for the text to be used as a warning if an acceptable size is used, but is that big text really necessary? I know China blocked many websites including Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Blogger, Google etc. but I just want to ask if that too big text is really necessary, because I think a slightly big but not too big text with different colour would already be enough, and one sentence is okay, not three.

As for Github, the main website github.com and pages under github.io are not blocked, the ones blocked are git.github.com and gist.github.com

I've also checked minetest.net , wiki.minetest.net , forum.minetest.net and they are not blocked, so at least the resources on Wiki itself could still be accessible, now we just need people to actually translate the Wiki to Chinese. You can check if certain website is blocked in China at here: http://blockedinchina.net/
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