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[SOLVED] How to compile minetest with luajit 2.1-beta?

PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2018 14:42
by Reedych
I want to host a server on Raspberry PI 3. I use devuan ascii (debian stretch with systemd removed) arm64. So because of arm64 architecture used I need 2.1. But at end it prints a lot errors of type "undefined reference to `lua*****`":
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CMakeFiles/minetestserver.dir/script/lua_api/l_object.cpp.o: In function `ObjectRef::l_get_entity_name(lua_State*)':
l_object.cpp:(.text+0x364c): undefined reference to `luaL_checktype'
l_object.cpp:(.text+0x365c): undefined reference to `luaL_checkudata'
l_object.cpp:(.text+0x372c): undefined reference to `lua_pushstring'
l_object.cpp:(.text+0x3784): undefined reference to `luaL_typerror'

So where to dig/sniff?

P.s. and the
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cd minetest
rm -rf build
mkdir build
cd build

cmake .. \
-DIRRLICHT_SOURCE_DIR=../../irrlicht \
-DLUA_INCLUDE_DIR=../../luajit/src/ \