IMPERIVM FERRVM group official topic[looking for players]

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IMPERIVM FERRVM group official topic[looking for players]

by Diamond knight » Sat Sep 22, 2018 21:20

Salve est, I have returned to the forum once more to rebuild an old project of mine. I have been working on reviving one of my old gaming teams, the FERRVM CIVITATVM IMPERIVM. We are a multigame gaming group that has something for everyone.

-Do you like pvp? Then you can join the imperial legion, which employs real world ancient military tactics and has a roman milsim flavor to it.

-Do you like to build? Then we are looking for builders(the ones who follow the blueprints in a teamwork fashion, good for aspiring architects to start out as) and architects(the ones who make the blueprints for the builders to follow)

-Do you like making shops? In the grand cities I plan to commission you will be able to build shops where you will be sure to get customers, and participate in the greater economy.

We plan to create a grand digital community with cities on sveral servers and even several games, we also aim to go on grand conquests in faction servers on minecraft (or minetest if any good faction servers come out).

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