salem on minetest

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salem on minetest

by barsik » Sat Nov 10, 2018 07:39

I have an idea to recreate salem game on minetest engine.

So they heavily use crafting with a lot of recipes, but opposing to minetest opening recipes depends on learning skills, not all recipes available immediately

Trading is already done in minetest, which can help aquiring items which can not be crafted by new player due to lack of skills

Need to think about implementation of mostly flat terrain with few lakes and rivers, level-based mines which needs build special mine entrance (maybe elevator cabin in minetest can be upgraded to perform this function) and supporting posts to expand. There is no a lot of digginng, starting player can not dig more than 10-15 dirt blocks and store in inventory, it should be dumped to carry new dirt or you stop.

What i don't like there is decay, which means that stored items out of your "private" zone can vanish, even private there means you can just track griefers and report them, private area does not prevent item loss completely. Enlarging this "not completely private area" requires much playing time or donations, so mainly this is why i think about porting it to minetest, to make it more casual.

So if you have any ideas where i can strart implementing this mod and ideas on separate their features (maybe not everything there is interesting enough to port).

BTW this is topic number 3000!

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