Does the current Minetest seem too easy?

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Re: Does the current Minetest seem too easy?

by paramat » Mon Mar 04, 2019 22:03

> It does not make MTG more challenging,

Well, it does.

> dispatch ores to different biomes.

That's planned.

> One should be very cynical and consider that new players are more important than old game makers,

No, and they're not more important.

> Too bad the new issue is dead since a year and nothing was changed.

It's been discussed, there's no need for constant discussion in an issue.
It's now supported by 2 core devs, and previously supported by 1.

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Re: Does the current Minetest seem too easy?

by runs » Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:13

-Minetest is a cool game as a base to make games.
-It's challenging. No. But Minecraft neither. What lacks in MTG is the surprise factor. The first time I played Minecraft I said WOW, what a game, an open world, mining, mobs tonight. I played it for 3 years. But I reach a point that, uh, simply I get bored. Why? Silly Mobs. No adventure. It was and is basically a LEGO game. And poor of mods. As I said in another thread neither has much (working) mods. The first time I played Minetest I had lost that surprise factor. But I enjoy it thanks to mods. Much better, complete, challenging and cool that the Minecraft ones. The last 3 months Microsoft is starting to add quickly a lot of mechanics and things, thanks to the new competitor: Hytale. LOL.
-You can improve MTG with mods. Yes, it hard to find the appropriate ones. But for lazy people that there already exist the games. With one, two or three really good, bigger ones is sufficent. Minecraft is a only one game! What's the matter with it?
-I do not want much more ores in MTG. For what? Thousands of them? No. For that, there are a lot of mods, that already add tons.
-Mobs? Maybe. But another sheep, cow... No, so boring. The factor surprise again. It was cool to shave a sheep in 2009. But now in 2019? Hytale added some new concepts, i.e., a spider that climb vertically, a bear that defend its territory... Maybe I would like in MTG something like a Platypus (that is a strange and poisonous animal).
-From 5.0, I love the new permafrost biome, Marram Grass, Corals and Kelps, glow worn...
-I hate the new butterflies, are like flying books, LOL.
-People here hate the forks. But they are really popular. Look at the Google Play store. They sell advertisements and spam and..., but also a solid experience to kids, that does not bother about Open Source and nothing more than play and enjoy.

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Re: Does the current Minetest seem too easy?

by Punk » Tue Mar 12, 2019 15:24

If you go up to y=-600 deep and can not find a single diamond ore, this is not a challenge, it is a boredom.

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Re: Does the current Minetest seem too easy?

by Linuxdirk » Tue Mar 12, 2019 15:56

Punk wrote:If you go up to y=-600 deep and can not find a single diamond ore, this is not a challenge, it is a boredom.

Yes, underground is boring without "underground mods". Below -1024 (or -1200? or whatever Mese starts spawning now) it is all the same down to -32000. And even there is nothing special without mods: You just walk on the bottom of the "world cube".

But it is the same in the other direction. Without any tweaks or mods anything above 800 is just air. With mgv7 parameter floatlands (default is nofloatlands) you'll get highly experimental but already pretty sweet floating islands on around and slightly over 1200.

With this enabled to me the most interesting part of the world is roughly between -1200 and +1200. When having something like Cave Realms (Cave Realms Lite) enabled the underground gets prettier but will still get repetitive after some time.

When slightly tweaking mgv7 you get friggin giant caves and having them decorated by Cave Realms Lite is just sweet. But I absolutely feel you. Underground is too repetitive even if you see Minetest Game only as modding base.

I absolutely hope that one day the underground would get underground biomes.


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