Minetest UltraHardcore (Discussion)

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Minetest UltraHardcore (Discussion)

by halt1002 » Post


List of mods so far:
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Re: Minetest UltraHardcore (Discussion)

by TenPlus1 » Post


- 1. Dig through dirt and gravel to find bones and flint to make starter tools.
- 2. No wood tools apart from shovel and hoe.
- 3. Cannot dig tree's with hands of course :)
- 4. Digging leaves may only give a chance of a sapling or stick, would need shears for leaves themselves.
- 5. Digging grass only gives a chance of seed, shears needed for actual grass.
- 6. Tree trunks only crafts into 1x wood and maybe some bark for twine.
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Re: Minetest UltraHardcore (Discussion)

by Walker » Post

you have this thread also named "(Discussion)" ^^
i think THIS is the Discussion thread > viewtopic.php?f=49&t=22561

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Re: Minetest UltraHardcore (Discussion)

by AiTechEye » Post

a hard game is when everything is complicated, hard to find necessary resources, and nothing is reliable.

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Re: Minetest UltraHardcore (Discussion)

by pandaro » Post

dig stone -> get cobblestone
but cobblestone is a falling node(like sand)
to get stone need to be cooked in a furnace.

the world is made by few block(less decorative block)

there are few resources, many monsters, a lot of fire, little food and difficult to reproduce, often the forests burn, sometimes thieves steal, cold stings, thirst, hunger, disease, wounds, bad weather.

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