Submit Your Mesecons Contraptions To Be Reviewed On Video

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Submit Your Mesecons Contraptions To Be Reviewed On Video

by benrob0329 » Mon May 20, 2019 20:24

I'm going to be doing a video reviewing some mesecons contraptions/circuits that are posted here. I'm going to be looking for practicality, efficiency, compactness, and neatness. This is not a competition. I will not be ranking these in order of which is best, but rather pointing out ways they could be improved if possible.

- You may only use mesecons, no other mods or extensions are allowed once published (this excludes mods like worldedit which help with building but are not required after the fact)
- Lua Controllers, FGPAs, and Microcontrollers are forbidden (if you put everything into one LuaC it then becomes a coding review)
- Must post either a map, worldedit file, or MTS.
- Explanations are appreciated
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Re: Submit Your Mesecons Contraptions To Be Reviewed On Vide

by Joseph16 » Wed May 29, 2019 00:52

My entrance:
use the clone as zip file to get it.

It is a mesecon trap. You step on the pressure plate and pistons move a block down and under, so puliing it out of sight and putting it back once you step off the plate.
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