Other, Superior Open Source Game Engines Exist Now... :D

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Re: Other, Superior Open Source Game Engines Exist Now... :D

by Red_King_Cyclops » Mon Aug 05, 2019 13:56

texmex wrote:
Fixer wrote:I would rather see breakthroughs in actual gameplay in minetest game and final rename of engine/game.

This. Fancy shaders wont’t bring creativity in and of itself.

Agreed. Improving the engine is important, but making quality games and giving Minetest good content is more important and feasible right now.
I'm working on a mod that is essentially Galacticraft for Minetest (with differences).

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Re: Other, Superior Open Source Game Engines Exist Now... :D

by thomasthespacefox » Mon Aug 05, 2019 17:50

I think the main issue people here don't get, is minetest itself is a game engine,

much of the actual work is done by minetest.

as I understand, as such, minetest really uses irrlicht as a graphics engine more than anything else.

most of the suggestions seem to be full game engines.
Sad to say, but you can't just replace a door with a whole house. nor can you replace a graphics engine in a game engine, with an entire other game engine...

Even if irrlicht actually does a few other things, it still doesn't change the fact that minetest is not only a game engine, but a genre-dedicated one, with a huge set of specialized functionality for its target genre (which is voxel sandboxes obviously).

You can't just "re-implement" something that massively complex. any irrlicht replacement, would need to be of a similar level of use, as to not require recoding thousand upon thousands of C++ code...

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Re: Other, Superior Open Source Game Engines Exist Now... :D

by Inocudom » Wed Aug 07, 2019 02:52

Guess I should have considered the prospect that updating Minetest's graphical capabilities might cause it to compete with Minecraft, which would end very badly. I guess staying behind makes things safer overall. Better to be slow that to not be at all, eh?
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Re: Other, Superior Open Source Game Engines Exist Now... :D

by skyace65 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 20:36

The Voxel world screenshot Extex shared on page 3 was made with a C++ module for Godot. Someone has taken that module and made a demo game project with it and released the first of three videos going over it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x758pT2X1MI

If you want to download the project files and try it for yourself they're here https://github.com/tinmanjuggernaut/vox ... e/fps_demo

The game uses a C++ module for Godot which can be found here https://github.com/Zylann/godot_voxel

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Re: Other, Superior Open Source Game Engines Exist Now... :D

by Brian Gaucher » Sun Sep 01, 2019 01:33

The biggest issue with Godot I see, is that that it requires modern OpenGL (>= 3.3). Which is required for many of those modern features everyone rages about. But that leaves support for old hardware in the dust. I play Minetest because it's one of the modern games I can actually play, that and STK. I am afraid losing old hardware would cause a great loss of players. And I will personally support only a version that I can play.
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