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Meet the jungle-eating plastic factory

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 15:38
by Yvanhoe
Ever since I discovered digtrons and pipeworks I wondered how possible it was to make an autonomous, extending machine. Here is a piece of my dream come true.

That would be the "mouth"

I used to have fun with it as a vehicle: before I added the ejectors and the builders it was of a perfect square shape so it was guaranteed to be able to turn in any path it add dug. It would be possible to keep it steerable I think but takes a bit more thinking.

4 ejectors are there so that everything that may be munched in a single step can be ejected. In the jungle you may end up having grass, flowers, wood, leaves, saplings, seeds. All that needs to go into the tubes!

Undocumented feature to my knowledge: pipes do connect automatically to digtron inventories! And you can send stuff to it!

I call it the trans-Amazonian pneumatic highway: the right tube sends back vegetal matter, the left one sends forward freshly manufactured pipes. I think there may be a way for both to use the same pipe but I could not figure how to setup the inventories and ejectors so that pipes would go into inventories but vegetal stuff would go back to the factory.

And here is the simple tubes factory.

Unfortunately, pipes tend to deactivate over long distance. I must experiment with laying down world anchors. Maybe I'll add a recipe for that (that uses wood, of course :-) )

Due to the lack of sensors on a digtron, I had to generate a flat world for this to have any chance of working. Would love to have a way to add a sensor to say "if no block detected under this one, then activate 1 slope step".

Re: Meet the jungle-eating plastic factory

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 16:04
by Red_King_Cyclops
Cool machine. It's always interesting to see the things that automation/technology mods are capable of and how useful they are.

Re: Meet the jungle-eating plastic factory

PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 16:32
by Sokomine
But...but...the poor rainforrests! All that deforrestation...who's going to replant? What's that going to do to MT's CO2 bilance?

Great impressive machine :-)

Re: Meet the jungle-eating plastic factory

PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 02:47
by Yvanhoe
Interestingly, this is renewable, as I get the saplings as well, I could easily send them back in the machine and have it plant every 10 steps or so. Then, with the piping already there, resending a machine along the same path after the tree regrew would require no plastic anymore.

I wonder if growing trees destroy pipes?

Re: Meet the jungle-eating plastic factory

PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 03:20
by Yvanhoe
Sokomine wrote:What's that going to do to MT's CO2 bilance?

Actually that's something I'd love to see one day: a fully balanced world model where the total amount of matter is preserved. Especially with water. Have water out in the sun slowly evaporate, have rain fill up the holes. That would make hydrogenerators in technic more interesting and less of a perpetual motion machine.

There is something like that in dwarf fortress IIRC.

Then with CO2, I guess simulated on a smaller world, that would be a great tool at teaching the basics of environmentalism.

I toyed with the idea of using some space mods to make an atmospheric simulation within, e.g. a biosphere 2-like dome. It would have N2, O2, CO2, water vapor. Plants would grow at a speed dependent on CO2, humans and animal would lose health in low O2 (or very high CO2) atmospheres, water blocks could form in high humidity environments, making soil wet would consume water, etc...

I wonder if anyone did such a simulation yet?