Remove difficult mobs

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Remove difficult mobs

by paulvdv » Tue Jul 30, 2019 22:31

I am looking for a tool to remove difficult mobs. For example when somebody brings many dragons in the game. Or cars what are owned by somebody. I saw the admin_tools mod, but it does not work for me. viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1144 I did install version 1.01, minetest starts, but I cannot remove anything. Does somebody know another way to remove mobs in an easy way? The only way I know is to remove the mod and then remove them. But that's not nice.

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Re: Remove difficult mobs

by TalkLounge » Wed Jul 31, 2019 00:06

From minetest wiki:

/clearobjects [full|quick]—Clears all objects/entities (removes all dropped items, mobs and possibly more). Note this may crash the server or slow it down to a crawl for 10 to more than 60 seconds

/clearobjects quick
Removes only loaded objects

/clearobjects full
Removes all objects on map
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Re: Remove difficult mobs

by trainwrecktony » Wed Jul 31, 2019 00:10

that mod is ancient i'd suggest Maptools it has a pick that destroys anything and additional things like unbreakable blocks neither available to regular users by crafting. use /giveme pick_admin

The pick will kill mobs and other entities but you may want to look into the mob itself to limit the spawn or hatching
Are you using this version of the dragon?
You can edit the init.lua the spawn section is in this format

mobs:spawn_specific(name, nodes, neighbors, min_light, max_light, interval, chance, active_object_count, min_height, max_height)
You can disable the spawn all together but avoid unknown entities by commenting out the code with either -- at every line or --[[ at begining and --]] at end of code
Code: Select all
--[[ spawn in the wild
   20, 10, 300, 15000, 2, -100, 11000

   20, 10, 300, 15000, 2, -100, 11000

   20, 10, 300, 15000, 2, -100, 11000

   20, 10, 300, 15000, 2, -100, 11000

Similarily with the egg code you can disable the function commenting out the code between after_place_node = function(pos, placer, itemstack) and end
Code: Select all
-- dropped eggs for hatching ridable dragons
minetest.register_node("mobs_dragon:dragon_egg", {
   description = "Dragon Egg",
   drawtype = "mesh",
   mesh = "egg.b3d",
   tiles = {"dmobs_egg.png"},
   paramtype = "light",
   sunlight_propagates = true,
   is_ground_content = false,
   groups = {fleshy=3, dig_immediate=3},
   sounds = default.node_sound_leaves_defaults(),
   --[[after_place_node = function(pos, placer, itemstack)
      -- is alter built correctly?
      local p = {x = pos.x, y = pos.y - 1, z = pos.z}
      local name1
      for x1 = -1,1 do
         for z1 = -1,1 do
            p.x = pos.x + x1
            p.z = pos.z + z1
            local name2 = minetest.get_node(p).name
            if x1 == -1 and z1 == -1 then         -- get name of one of the surrounding nodes
               name1 = minetest.get_node(p).name
            elseif x1 == 0 and z1 == 0 then         -- is center node obsidian?
               if name2 ~= "default:obsidian" then return end
               if name2 ~= name1 then return end   -- do the rest of the surrounding nodes match the original sample?

      -- determine which dragon to spawn depending on what the "alter" is made of
      local which_dragon
      if name1 == "default:lava_source" then which_dragon = "red"
      elseif name1 == "default:obsidian" then which_dragon = "black"
      elseif name1 == "default:cactus" then which_dragon = "green"
      elseif name1 == "default:water_source" then which_dragon = "blue"
      else return

      -- 10 seconds after the egg is placed, spawn the appropriate dragon
      minetest.after(10, function(pos, dragon, pname)
         -- remove egg
         -- spawn dragon
         local ent = minetest.add_entity(pos, "mobs_dragon:dragon_sm_"..dragon)
         -- get dragon object and set owner name
         local obj = ent:get_luaentity()
         obj.tamed = true
         obj.owner = pname

         if use_whistle == true then
            -- not used because use_whistle should not be set to true
            local dcount = #tamed_dragons[pname]
            tamed_dragons[pname][dcount+1] = ent
            -- set dragon order and state (and therefore animation) to stand
            -- dragon will wander off if you don't do this
            obj.order = "stand"
            obj.state = "stand"
      end, pos, which_dragon, placer:get_player_name())

You can also disable the dragons from dropping eggs, edit large.lua find the drops = { code for each dragon and comment it out or change to something else available
Code: Select all
--drops = {
--      {name = "mobs_dragon:dragon_egg", chance = 0.5, min = 1, max = 1},
--   }

drops = {
      {name = "mobs:meat_raw", chance = 1, min = 1, max = 1},
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Re: Remove difficult mobs

by IhrFussel » Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:52

TalkLounge wrote:From minetest wiki:

/clearobjects quick
Removes only loaded objects

This is false info and I had to correct people many times on this subject already.

The quick mode still deletes every object from the map just not instantly but whenever you load the other mapblocks from the DB.

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