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Minetest Mapper

by cainram » Post

I want to generate a png map of my world. I know people do this but I CANNOT for the life of me get this working. I'm running Minetest 0.4.16 on Ubuntu server 16.04. If anyone can point me to a step by step walkthrough on this I'd be very grateful. It can't be that hard, I don't know why I'm having so much trouble with this. If I have to copy the world folder to a Windows machine or Mac because it is easier that way or whatever, that's fine. What is the easiest way to do this? HELP!

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Re: Minetest Mapper

by Gael de Sailly » Post

I have Ubuntu 16.04 and my minetestmapper is working.

You need to download and compile MinetestMapper, official version is on Github, you also have the doc at the bottom. In short, download the zip and unpack, then use terminal to place yourself in the directory with cd and run

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make -j2
Then you will have an executable called minetestmapper, you can use it following the instructions on the Github page, like this:

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./minetestmapper -i ~/.minetest/worlds/my_world/ -o map.png --drawscale --drawalpha --geometry -800:-800+1600+1600
(this example that will draw a graduated scale at the sides, draw water transparency and limit to 800 nodes in 4 directions)

If you still have troubles, please tell which step isn't working and paste your error messages if you've got some, they may help greatly.
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