Minetest dev wiki ? - updates?

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Minetest dev wiki ? - updates?

by sirrobzeroone » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:31

Trawling through the dev wiki, I occasionally stumble upon info that could use an update or clarified.

Minetest.after here - https://dev.minetest.net/minetest.after

example might be better as below, as this one would run if someone just dumped straight into init.lua and would appear in there chat window...Im not sure were print goes?:
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local pos = {x=1,y=2,z=3}
local str = "hello world"
minetest.after(3.5, function(pos, str)
    minetest.chat_send_all("3.5 seconds later, we can do " .. str .. " at " .. minetest.pos_to_string(pos))
end, pos, str)

https://dev.minetest.net/minetest.regis ... r_destruct

oldnode — A reference to the node that has been removed (TODO: verify this from C++ source; no documentation or examples are evident).

I can confirm oldnode definitely exists and seems to contain all the standard node definitions or rather the ones it used to be.

There was a third-one but I've lost my note.......

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Re: Minetest dev wiki ? - updates?

by Wuzzy » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:03

The Dev Wiki is !!!NOT!!! the official Lua API documentation! Only use lua_api.txt. This is the only canonical Lua API documentation.

You MUST ignore all pages that relate to a particular function call because it's likely to be very outdated and broken.
Basically all of the function pages were just hastily dumped from lua_api.txt into the wiki and then never updated …
Basically any direct claim on the Dev Wiki about who a particular function works is garbage.

On the category pages, I already added the warning template that reads:

This page contains unofficial Lua API documentation and is likely to be outdated or wrong.
For the official and up-to-date documentation, refer to lua_api.txt found in your Minetest installation directory under doc.

I really should have added this big red warning to all of the offending pages, but there's just too many pages, and I was too lazy yet to write a bot for this.

In my opinion, all function pages and other stuff that was just dumped from lua_api.txt should be just deleted. But I am not allowed to do this.

“Well, isn't the Dev Wiki useless then?”, I hear you ask! Well, no. There are still a few useful pages that are not dumped from lua_api.txt. What you can use are the pages that include tips and tricks, overview, community, advice etc.

See also: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=22469 "Lua documentation on Minetest Developer Wiki is wrong"
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Re: Minetest dev wiki ? - updates?

by sirrobzeroone » Mon Sep 09, 2019 20:33

Yep, no worries that the wiki isnt the main source, i usually cross ref the wiki with api. However at times the wiki examples are a bit clearer other times Rubenwardys book is.

I feel your pain on keeping a wiki in general upto date, very manual and not much automation. I helped setup the aus30k/40k wikis and we used a ton of custom coding so that basically with minimal effort the wiki self tracked things like battles and war points etc couldnt even get users to reliably enter there battles....so frustrating.

Anyways if you need a hand, im happy to help, ive been looking at tge main minetest wiki to see were i could help and would be most useful - happy to take a suggestion there :)

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