Strange, (semi) unidentified creature crawling around

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Strange, (semi) unidentified creature crawling around

by Red_King_Cyclops » Mon Sep 30, 2019 21:41

In a Minetest world with mobs redo and mobs water enabled, I saw a peculiar creature crawling in circles on the bottom of a ravine. It looked like a dark turtle, even though it did not spawn by water. I tried right clicking it, but doing so caused the game to crash. I entered the world again and observed the turtle for longer. For some reason, whenever it was moving up or down some stone blocks, its texture would temporarily return to a normal turtle texture before becoming dark again.

I placed some walls to keep the turtle in place. If it doesn't despawn, then I'm going to name it something (I'm open to suggestions).
A strange, (semi) unidentified creature that resembles a dark turtle.
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Re: Strange, (semi) unidentified creature crawling around

by FreeGamers » Sun Oct 06, 2019 03:31

I've seen the turtle crash before and mentioned it in this discussion:
Comment out that line and it won't crash when you interact with it. I found the same bug when I was testing it in my server.

Not sure why the texture would glitch out like that. I've seen it maybe once or twice when a mob clips into an object or node or when there isn't enough lighting.

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