[REQUEST] Good mod for mobs_monster

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[REQUEST] Good mod for mobs_monster

by salvamea » Post

Someone can recommend me a good mod for monsters, I'm building my world is I would like to put one, for now I only have the redo, I put the mod nssm but a mess has happened, the mod is crazy the spawn also happens in my village....

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Re: [REQUEST] Good mod for mobs_monster

by durtective6 » Post

There are mods like Alive AI, which is pretty good and adds some life to your world, it does add quite a bit. Alternatively, PaleoTest is also good, especially if you're into dinosaurs.
There is also a page on the wiki listing different mobs mods for reference here.

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Re: [REQUEST] Good mod for mobs_monster

by TenPlus1 » Post

Check the first post on mobs_redo forum topic and it will list links to many additional mobs you can add to a world like creepers, zombies, dmobs, slimes etc.


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Re: [REQUEST] Good mod for mobs_monster

by cHyper-0815OL » Post

I use pets for my server... there is also a sub-mod for animals in water... ;-)

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