Probably a new server.

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Probably a new server.

by WilLiam12 » Post

Hello people. I'm thinking of bringing a big server to the minetest. A creative server for anyone to have fun, lots of item mods, building blocks and lots of decor. In it I intend to allow certain things like: roleplay. Everyone can play, have fun, build and much more. I hope you like the idea. I am very anxious to create this server, because it will have a lot of cool things. The game that will be used on the server, will be the one I am still developing, but it does not change almost anything in the minetest, it is just a game for the server. Ah, the name I need to think about, but it would probably be: WillCreative. Dry name? Yes. But I'm still thinking of a better one.

If I can create this server, I will confirm his coming to the game.

I'll put down here the best mods I found for the server. Check out:
*liquid_restriction* (security for the server.)
*willadmin* (my mod to ban / kick using a tool. need priv to use it, but for security I will do on init.lua not_on_creative_inventory :P)
*willcraft* (mod to customize and help on the server.)
And some others...

The server will be made to focus on the fun of the kids, so, you adult who came to build with us (if the server is made) please do not say inappropriate things in the chat.

I love the kids and I want do a fun server for they. And of course for everyone have fun, build, etc...

The admins for now would just be me. But soon I will look for trusted admins who can help with the server, because I will not always be online. :P

I hope you like the idea, if the server launch is confirmed, I'll wait for you there! (if you like creative.)

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