How can the minetest community be made bigger?

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Re: How can the minetest community be made bigger?

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Jastiv wrote:
Mon Sep 21, 2020 18:09
Another idea for making the minetest test community bigger is to create more videos. I see a lot of really silly things on youtube, maybe we could do silly things like minetest in real life or don't play minetest at 3am, or other stuff like that.
there is no Philza in a hardcore single player survival challange to root for .
there is no Fitmc to delve into the history of minetest.
There is now no main minetest game for future streamers to get involved in . there will never be the depth of gameplay that attracts such people if minetest becomes a collection of unrelated subgames.
awaiting minetest hardcore mode .

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